Thursday, February 14, 2013

Finished Projects

It always feels good to finish a project.  My problem is that is feels better to start a new one, so I always have many going on and don't finish them as quickly as I'd like to.

But this past week I've really been focusing on finishing and I thought I'd share my little accomplishments.

I started with this multicolor crocheted hat

 made from I Love This Yarn which is very soft.

But the hat needed more...

so I made a pair of fingerless gloves.

 Really easy to do!

I'll be making more of these.

 See how nice they look?

Another unfinished project was this scarf.
 I had bought this really expensive yarn that's like ribbon yarn,
nearly impossible to use unless you're an expert
which I am not.

So I added a soft, beige yarn and knit the two together.

 It turned out much better than the photo.

The last project was another little hat for my sweet Sarah.

 Made of the softest pink and white yarn I could find.
She seems to like it:-)

Now time to go back to some basket making!

                   Until next time...

Saturday, February 9, 2013

My gift arrived!

Oh my goodness!  Yesterday the package arrived with the giveaway I won during the Grow Your Blog Party.  For someone who usually doesn't win things, this was quite a treat!

Marrianna from Red Dancer Studio gave away an absolutely beautiful vintage beaded bag.  It looked quite lovely in her blog post photo, but when I unwrapped it and took it out of the pretty heart paper, it took my breath away!

This little bag is completely decorated with clear crystals that pick up colors of light. You can see some of the different colors. They change and sparkle as the light hits them.

The top is metal, maybe pewter, along with the chain, which makes it quite heavy.  Not a flimsy bag at all!

And look at the bead work on the bottom! Just amazing!

Thank you so much, Marrianna, for having such a lovely giveaway! 

I am one lucky lady:-) and am looking forward to a night on the town next week with my honey to show this pretty piece off!

          Until next time...

Friday, February 1, 2013

And the winner is...!!! Winners are...!!!

All I can say is WOW what a party!  I've been so busy visiting that I haven't had time to write. Again, thank you Vicki, for organizing this event:-)

I have stopped by so many sites during the past two weeks. It's been kind of like being at an outlet mall of blogs.  I wandered by each one and window shopped. Some I went in and spent some time, maybe even leaving a comment.  For many, I made a figurative purchase and bought the blog (became a follower)!  I have discovered so many interesting, creative folks and new friends that it's a bit overwhelming.  And the fun continues as I get to read new posts each day!

But now for the giveaway!!!

In keeping with the spirit of the party and seeing some of the marvelous giveaways from others, I decided to give a surprise and have two drawings!  The first winner selected will get to pick the color of the headband they would like and I will whip one up just for you!  The second winner will get the headband shown in the post!

This is the first time (but not the last) that I have had a giveaway and I must say I've had logistical troubles trying to figure out the best way to do this.  Guess I should have asked others how they did the selection process, but too late now.  I wanted to be absolutely random in the selection, so I wrote down everyone's name that left a comment. I numbered each one. There were 65!

I then wrote the numbers on a sheet of paper, cut them in to individual pieces and put them in a baggie

The final step was to have someone pick two numbers out of the baggie and voila... winners!

So......(drum roll, please).....

The winner of the pick your own color headband is #21 Kelly @CCC!!!
Email me with your color pick and I'll get started:-)

And the winner of the ivory headband is #41 Hilary!!!

Thank you to all who stopped by and left such nice comments! And congratulations to the winners!  I really hope you enjoy these:-) 

Don't forget to email me your mailing address so I can send them to each of you.

Until next time…