Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Day at the Beach

I know....I haven't posted in a loooong time.  But I do have a good excuse. Well, it's an excuse but maybe not so good when I see how much all of you get done and still manage to post.  But anyway, it seems I failed retirement!  And sadly, this isn't the first time.

I have gone back to work and am loving it.  But it does take up a good chunk of my time, and that creates choices.  Do I knit?  Make a basket? Travel? Blog? Clean the house?  You get the idea.  And lately, blogging has gone to the bottom of the list. 

But last weekend we took a day trip to the beach and I knew I wanted to share it with you, so I took a few pictures along the way.

In case you haven't heard, the southeast is no longer in a drought.  In fact, for the month of July we only had 4 days without rain! And August hasn't been much better.  So we headed out on a cloudy morning, hoping things would improve.

Tallahassee is only 17 miles from the coast, but to get to the beach, at least the ones with the beautiful white sand and sea grass dunes, it's a 2 hour drive.  We normally head for St. George Island, which is near Apalachicola.  Well, about 45 minutes from our destination it's normally time for a pit stop and the small town of Carabelle has a lovely little beach and restroom facilities. As I came out of the bath house there were dolphins swimming along the shore!  Of course my camera was in the car, so I raced back and grabbed it and then ran back to the beach.  If you look real hard you can see them.

This guy was standing nearby and had no problem posing. 

The bridge to the island was destroyed by a hurricane a few years back and is now used as a fishing pier.  It reminds me of the bridge to Key West.

The day remained pretty cloudy, but there was a nice breeze.  By early afternoon we were able to see some sunshine.  Sarah wasn't too sure about the water.

Or the sand. Eventually she got the idea and had fun playing with her bucket. 

Before long it was time to head home and another memory making day was over.  

We will be traveling to Nova Scotia soon and I will share our adventures when we get home. 

               Until next time.....


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  1. Hi Terri, Nice to see you blogging again. Going back to work does take up one's time for sure.
    Have a wonderful long weekend!


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