Sunday, November 24, 2013

Nova Scotia Travels

We have returned from a wonderful trip through Nova Scotia and all I can say is "WOW"!  What a beautiful country!  We toured Halifax, traveled to the Bay of Fundy to see the Flowerpot Rocks, went across the Confederate Bridge to Prince Edward Island, visited the site of Anne of Green Gables, took the ferry back to Nova Scotia and went up the coast to Chiticamp in Cape Breton, went around the Cabot Trail to Baddeck, out to Peggy's Cove and back to Halifax.  Quite a few miles and many sights and memories.  I'll be sharing some of the highlights with you and hope you enjoy them

We traveled with our friends, Barb and Roy.  If you recall, we first met them in Italy when we had no luggage and they loaned us everything!  Acts like this can really seal a friendship and we've been traveling together ever since.

We started out in Halifax and I must say it was pretty nippy after the heat and humidity of Florida.  The weather was a brisk 48 degrees and overcast with rain threatening.  So I got out my hardly ever used Winter Silks and added a few more layers and was ready to go and explore.

It was Sunday and the town was pretty much deserted.  I personally like it that way.  No cruise ships in port and no other tourists!  Now how great is that!

Doesn't this look like something from a postcard?

We explored the town and the waterfront and then checked out the Keith's Pale Ale tour which was actually more of a show.
  Lots of fun and 2 pints was time to eat.

All I heard for weeks before our trip was that my hubby wanted lobster.  Lobster was a top priority for our other male companion as well so we headed back to the wharf for lunch. 

Think he was in shock!

This was the first lobster of the trip.

The rain started and we headed back to our hotel.

Next stop... the Bay of Fundy and the Flowerpot Rocks.

                                Until next time....