Monday, December 9, 2013

Nova Scotia - Cape Breton & the Cabot Trail

After leaving PEI we took the ferry back to Nova Scotia and headed to Cheticamp.  
This delightful, french speaking Acadian fishing village is almost untouched by mass civilization and tourism, although I did learn that hikers and bikers wanting to explore the Cabot Trail will often start out from here.
Not a Walmart for miles and miles!

This is the view from our balcony. 

 I've traveled to many, many places and am always interested in visiting local churches.  
But for such a small village, this church was something else!

This was taken while looking down from the balcony.

I would have loved to hear what this organ sounded like.

 The view from the second story looking back toward the road and the inlet.

So peaceful and beautiful.

And religion is what leads in to the following...

 As you can imagine, winters are very cold and very long.  The water in the harbor area freezes to three feet deep!  Hard to imagine when coming from Florida.
So they invented, or should I say, improved upon the French tradition of Mardi Gras.
According to what we were told, folks were not permitted to party due to religious reasons, so masks and disguises were worn so partying could happen without anyone being recognized.
Their celebration includes the entire town and lasts a week!  Costumes and masks are vital to the celebration
and an entire museum showcases this art at the
La Mi-Careme/Mask Museum.

What fun for a cold winter!

 Headed up the Cabot Trail it was impossible not to stop for photo ops!

 Even though it was a bit foggy, the scenery was still spectacular.

Picture postcard perfect!

From mountain overviews to the rocky coast, each turn in the road 
was a delight to the eye.

I hope you are enjoying the journey.  Our next stop is Baddeck, so

Until next time...

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