Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Baby Shower Blessings

A sweet friend at work is expecting a little girl next month and
coworkers are giving her a baby shower.
How exciting for her and what fun for me!

A shower is always a wonderful opportunity
to create something special....
something heartfelt for the
precious new life about to enter this crazy world.


I love this little pinafore dress.
My granddaughters (all three of them!) each have
one of these small treasures.
It's crocheted, using only the softest yarns,
so is fast to make and looks just adorable.

The Angel Wings Pinafore pattern is available on Ravelry for free.
Until next time ~

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Blue Basket

Another basket finally finished.
I found a beautiful deep blue cabochon at a flea market months ago
and thought it would be the perfect center for a basket.

Once glued to the backing I decided to use a natural sinew and only
emphasize the blue stone and blue stitches. I just happened to have the perfect
shade of blue sinew, which doesn't happen all the time.
Baskets often have a mind of their own in determining the size and shape. 
This one was no exception.  I had envisioned a round basket with straight sides,
but as you can see, the sides slightly angled out. 

The act of making a basket is my Zen.  I love the repetitive motions with enough
change to keep my interest.  I sit on my screen porch and am in my happy place.
Here's hoping everyone finds and enjoys their happy place this summer!
                                           Until next time ~

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A New Arrival!

No knitting, crocheting, basket making project...
no travels...
but the most precious, wonderful event
that I wanted to share with each of you...
the arrival of my new granddaughter!

As you can imagine, Sarah was thrilled to meet
her new 6 pound, 19 1/2" little sister who still doesn't have a name.
Hopefully that will be resolved today.
Mom and baby are doing great but Nana is kind of tired!
Until next time ~

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Texas Bluebonnets!

I have been wanting to see bluebonnets forever!
But our normal trips to visit relatives in Texas
usually happen in the summer
when the bluebonnets are long gone.
Well this year we had a change of plans
and went in April.

Our cousins knew I wanted to see
the bluebonnets, but most had already come and gone
and they weren't too hopeful.

But while driving past a shopping center
we turned to check out a previous bluebonnet "sighting"
and this is what we found!

A wonderful display!


Not only bluebonnets, but Indian Paintbrush...
all in full bloom.
An unexpected treat of nature's beauty...

and a long awaited wish come true!

Until next time ~


Monday, March 21, 2016

Sarah's Birthday Dress

Finally finished!!!

What started out as a
potential Christmas gift
got pushed back in the WIP pile
due to my holiday hat making frenzy. 

But a fourth birthday was
quickly approaching

which meant I had better
get busy and finish this little dress.

Couldn't resist adding just a bit
of fair isle.

My knitting pattern reading skills are limited
so much of what you see from
the arms up was improvised.


I am pretty happy
and hopefully the little princess will
love it too!

And a special thank you to my friend
Vicki at 2 Bags Full
for sharing the source of this pattern.

Until next time~

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Coiling With Friends

Every year around Valentine's Day
we head south to Zephyrhills
to visit our friends and make a trek to
the Webster flea market.
This phenomenal flea market covers what seems like
hundreds of acres with tons of vendors
selling all sorts of treasures.
I am always on the lookout for knitting and crafting stuff. 
Last year I came across someone selling agate slices.  I purchased a few
and sent them off to be encased in acrylic so they could be used
as a base for a pine needle basket.
It just so happens that the friends we visit
(well, the wife at least)
is who taught me the craft of
making a pine needle basket.
So when we get together, we coil...
sharing ideas
and new methods
to use in basket making.

She is very talented and encourages me
to look beyond what is
usually done.
The agate in acrylic was just such an adventure.
I love how the clear acrylic allows
whatever color come through.

My latest creation, now in my Etsy Shop

Thanks for stopping by!
Until next time...

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A New Basket

When not working... or traveling... or knitting...
I make pine needle baskets.
This is my latest creation.

The friend who taught me how to make
coiled strands of pine needles into a beautiful basket
is always sharing new ideas of things to use for centers. 

This one is made from polymer clay.
Several colors can be gently blended
to get the unique swirl design.
The center determines what the basket will look like.
A round center will produce a round basket.

The light brown rows are made of sweet grass.
A few coils of sweet grass make a lovely accent.

This, along with other designs, are
currently in my Etsy shop Pine Designs.
Thanks for stopping by!
Until next time~~