Monday, May 21, 2012


Our trip to Amsterdam started by taking the ferry from Dover to Calais.

It was really rainy, so the white cliffs of Dover were not clearly visible.

 But still impressive.

We arrived in Calais and then had a rainy bus ride to Amsterdam.

Where we stayed at the Movenpick Hotel.
with awesome views from our room

and best of all....the clouds were giving way to blue sky!

We met the rest of our travel buddies and
got to know them during the events to come.
We went on a canal cruise
under bridges

 past crooked houses
 and by lots of houseboats.

We discovered there are millions of bicycles in Amsterdam.

Seems everyone bikes everywhere.
There was a bike parking garage for 3000 bikes! Wonder how you ever find yours.

That night we went to Jamie Oliver's restaurant, Fifteen, with Bill and Trish.
The restaurant is a training center for 15 street kids
who learn the restaurant business.Good food and a good cause.

While in Amsterdam we were privileged to visit the Anne Frank house.  It was such a profound experience that photos could not come close to describing it.  I hadn't read the book in years, but was still so touched by the history that lived there. 

After two days in Amsterdam we're off to Germany and Austria next!

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