Friday, July 6, 2012

What I Do

So... what do I do when not traveling?

I make baskets out of pine needles.

These earned ribbons at the 2011 & 2012 Florida State Fair!

 Each basket takes hours and hours to make and since nothing in nature is exactly the same,
each basket is also unique.

You can't believe how smooth these baskets are to the touch.

 Recently I started adding embellishments

including dried herbs and flowers
which smell awesome

and some sparkly bling just for the fun of it!

I also make jewelry out of pine needles.

These are my pine needle pendants. This one is a picture stone jasper.

I love creating items out of nature!

But when I'm not knee deep in pine needles
I am usually keeping busy with the other kind of needles...

...knitting needles!

I have been knitting and crocheting forever.
I love feeling the texture of soft yarns running through my fingers.

My latest adventure in knitting has been making ruffled scarves.
This one is a soft mesh in the most beautiful, muted colors.

And they go great with my Vera Bradley handbags!

How fun is that!!
Only problem now is that it's too hot in Florida to wear any of them!

 And finally...
this loopy scarf starts out as a simple garter stitch
which is then unraveled, creating this fun, loopy design.

It seems so wrong to knit knowing you're going to take it apart!

But the end result is worth it.

And isn't that what life is all about anyway?


  1. Whoa! Those baskets are AMAZING? They are made of pine needles???? Wowzers. Beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Maureen! And yes, they are made out of pine needles. Amazing what can be done with what some consider yard trash :-)

  2. Your baskets are truly beautiful -- I cant imagine having the talent to create such exquisite treasures. Really -- I am just blown away! Love your knitted scarf too -- the yarn is beautiful!


  3. looks like you create amazing items! and I love the upstairs studio...I used to live in a house like that...I was the only one that could stand up upstairs (cuz I am so short!)
    so much fun! thanks for sharing your space...(I, personally, love the book corner!)


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