Thursday, December 5, 2013

Prince Edward Island

After our visit to the Bay of Fundy, we crossed the Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island.  PEI, as it's commonly known, is one of the prettiest and cleanest places I've ever seen!  Every yard is kept to perfection. I don't know where they hide their trash containers, but none were to be seen!  Such a lovely place to be and to drive through.

We headed to the site of Anne of Green Gables house.  If you've not read the book or not read it in many years, which was my case, I suggest getting a copy.  It's a heartwarming story, no matter your age.

After entering throug the visitors center you step back in time.

I love the lack of crowds!

The grounds are beautiful.  You can imagine the story coming alive.

And the inside of the house was remarkable. 
The furnishings and detail of the accessories was far above what I had expected.

This is the view looking back toward the barn.

And the path to the secret woods!
We hiked this path which followed a small stream.

I could have stayed here forever!
But we had to move on.  More wonderful places to discover!
Our next stop, Cape Breton.
Until next time ~

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