Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pine Needle Pendants

Small Red Jasper Pine Needle Necklace Pendant After the GYB party many of you asked me about my Pine Needle Pendants so I thought I'd share a bit more about them.

I literally gather hundreds of southern long leaf pine needles, one at a time, in and around Tallahassee. This takes an incredible amount of time because the needles must be perfect.  Straight and not twisted. Clean with no discolorations.

I bring them home and wash them in a soapy bath to be sure there are no little critters hiding and then place them on my screen porch to dry. When they are dry, which the timing is hard to predict due to our humidity, I sort them again and cut off the stems which provides a bunch of individual needles.

Now the fun really begins!
Pendants are started  with cabochons which have been adhered to faux leather.  Coils of pine needles are attached by stitching with artificial sinew (waxed thread) while continually feeding individual pine needles into the coil.  After a couple of rows, this is the result.

The art of using pine needles to create baskets and other crafts had almost been lost. Fortunately the craft is being revived through interest in the creation and collection of this unique art form.

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Here are a few pieces that are now listed in my Etsy Shop, Pine Designs & Cache-Mire.

The rich, turquoise color is like a bright blue summer sky.

This reminds me of a cameo.

 red jasper

and white howlite

a few are small, and some are larger

and black onyx is one of my favorites

I went to China a few years ago (before I started blogging) and now use a portion of my profits of this craft to benefit China missions. It feels good to do some good, especially when you enjoy the process.  Does that make sense?

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Terri, thanks for explaining your process and showing more of your beautiful work. I have a friend here in Georgetown who makes tiny and beautiful pine needle baskets who would love to see your pendants.

  2. wow that's fabulous! I can see that takes quite some skill

  3. I love your pine needle creations! When I was little, I used to try to weave pine needles together, but with white pine it is an exercise in futility! Your pieces are gems :)

  4. Gosh...this is just amazing!!!! They are so very gorgeous! The idea of using something from nature to create such a unique and stunning piece of jewelry is just awesome...I am literally at a loss for words! A job well done friend and how fantastic that you pay it forward! Bravo! A lovely week to you! Nicole xo

  5. Your work is just breathtaking, and I love that you donate some of the profits. Hugs,

  6. These are SO beautiful - what an art!!! I just mow my pine needles up off the lawn - imagine someone actually using them in such a stunning way! Happy Tuesday - Tanya

  7. These pendants are just beautiful Terri! Thank you for explaining the process ... very interesting. The pine needles are quite large in comparison to what we have here. The little blue pendant reminds me of a robin's egg in a nest ;) Wendy x

  8. I didn't realise how much work goes into making these lovely pendants. Now I will be able to tell everyone when my lovely giveaway arrives.

  9. They are amazing Terri and thanks so much for sharing, you are one talented gal in my books. Carole xox

  10. those are very beautiful works of art!

  11. I very much enjoyed your explanation on how you make your beautiful pendants. In the past, I have carved and painted gourds on occasion. Sometimes, I would drill holes around the mouth of a gourd from which I had cut the top and, using heavy thread, I would lace the pine needles around the opening of the gourd. I enjoyed making these, but none were so beautiful as your pendants! They are gorgeous.

  12. Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog during GYB! Your blog is fantasic, and your pendants are absolutely beautiful! I didn't realize at first that the material surrounding the cabochons were woven pine needles - that is so cool! I love that you use natural fibers to make your creations. And don't you love how each one is unique? That is another plus in my book for sure. Keep up the great blog!

  13. I love pine needle baskets and your pendant is beautiful! I made an attempt at adding pine needles around a gourd...the process was fun and the end result okay for a first timer.


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