Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Spring Scarf Giveaway!

One Sunday morning I was stopped in my tracks when I saw a friend wearing the most delightful scarf! It was lightweight and contained shades of spring blossoms, so soft that it looked like it would melt in my fingers if I touched it. The delicate silkiness was exquisite! I exclaimed, "Where did you get this"!  And of course her response was unsatisfactory... she had bought it at a local craft show, but didn't know who made it.  Ugh!

At this point I did what I think many of you would do... asked to see it up close.  This works best when the person is a good friend and knows your (or my) quirkiness and was willing to undress so I could examine the scarf in more detail. Well now there was no doubt that I would have to make "The Scarf".

Being a collector of beautiful yarns and ribbons, I began sorting through the softest, prettiest, and most unique materials I could find.  A trip to my favorite yarn shop soon followed and I came away with a riot of additional colorful yarns and ribbons.

These are a few of the results...

Designer Fringe Spring Scarf with Sari ~ Adele ~ Multicolor

Designer Fringe Spring Scarf with Sari ~ Bonnie ~ Multicolor

The scarves are so lightweight--almost like wearing a necklace. Each is full of the colors of everything in bloom. And so very, very soft and velvety!  Made to be warn with many outfits and combinations to take on a different look each time when placed with different colors. I plan to use mine when the chilly air conditioning is blowing down my neck this summer!

My secret ingredient!

To be a bit different though, in addition to lightweight, multi-colored, and multi-textured yarns and ribbons, in several pieces I've also included a secret ingredient.... a few strands of recycled sari.

The sari silk is hand cut by women in India who recycle their beautiful saris (the traditional clothing of Indian women) by cutting them into strips.  My purchase of their product gives them an opportunity to enhance their lives.

Like any dedicated crafter, when you have this much yarn and ribbon and sari, you can't make just one!  So, what to do with many Spring Scarves......

Have a Giveaway!

This has been a long, cold winter for many of my friends in the north so I thought I would give a Springtime Scarf away to celebrate the arrival and beauty of spring! 

This is the scarf I've chosen!

To enter,  just leave a comment on this post.  For an extra chance to win, share this post on your blog and leave a second comment letting me know you have :-)

A winner will be announced HERE on May 10, just in time for Mother's Day.  Please be sure I can contact you if you are the winner.  Congratulations to Seawashed Kerrie, the winner of this giveaway!
If you're not the lucky winner you can find more Springtime Scarves listed in my Etsy Shop, 
Pine Designs & Cache-Mire or email me directly.  A portion of the proceeds for each scarf will be given to Smile Train.

~     ~     ~     ~     ~   

I love win-win projects.  I have fun creating beautiful things while helping support worthy causes. It doesn't get much better than this.  Happy Spring!

                      Until next time ~

Saturday, April 5, 2014

My Prize From Fuzzy Slippers

How totally appropriate that after my Adventures in Socks post a few days ago I would receive a gift I won at Vicki's Grow Your Blog Party from Fuzzy Slipper Designs!   It seems life is full of humor when we look for it and least expect it.

Well....Moriah sent me the most delightful assortment of handmade cards.  They are so lovely that it will be difficult to give them away!  Only my most cherished friends and relatives on this short list.

Of course, I guess I could always get more at her Esty shop :-) 

Thank you, Moriah, for this unique and wonderful gift!  I will enjoy giving them as much as those I love will enjoy receiving them.

                                           Until next time ~

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Adventures in Socks

I have always wanted to make socks.

I have friends who knit socks, lots of socks, and I am so envious of them. It seems so simple.  I've made blankets, scarves, hats, booties, sweaters....

Why am I so intimidated about making socks?  I think the double pointed needles are a start.

Well, our local yarn shop advertised a sock making class and I signed up.  This class teaches the magic loop method and you make both socks at the same time!  

So how hard can that be?

Well.....the first class was a week ago and the two hours flew by as I focused on keeping all of my dangling ends of yarn straight. Casting on, ripping out, casting on.... you get the idea.

The pattern starts at the toe, progresses through the gusset (I didn't know what that was until now), and then turns up the ankle and ends with ribbing at the cuff.

I liked this pattern because it uses worsted weight yarn which, for me, is much easier to learn with than the fine sock yarns.  I'm normally good at following instructions but with this adventure I somehow ended up with 52 stitches for my toes instead of the 46 I was supposed to have.

Well needless to say, my socks ended up being large.....very large.

Not wanting to become discouraged during my first attempt I decided to turn lemons into lemonade.

These are my new slippers!

                                                   Until next time~