Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Adventures in Socks

I have always wanted to make socks.

I have friends who knit socks, lots of socks, and I am so envious of them. It seems so simple.  I've made blankets, scarves, hats, booties, sweaters....

Why am I so intimidated about making socks?  I think the double pointed needles are a start.

Well, our local yarn shop advertised a sock making class and I signed up.  This class teaches the magic loop method and you make both socks at the same time!  

So how hard can that be?

Well.....the first class was a week ago and the two hours flew by as I focused on keeping all of my dangling ends of yarn straight. Casting on, ripping out, casting on.... you get the idea.

The pattern starts at the toe, progresses through the gusset (I didn't know what that was until now), and then turns up the ankle and ends with ribbing at the cuff.

I liked this pattern because it uses worsted weight yarn which, for me, is much easier to learn with than the fine sock yarns.  I'm normally good at following instructions but with this adventure I somehow ended up with 52 stitches for my toes instead of the 46 I was supposed to have.

Well needless to say, my socks ended up being large.....very large.

Not wanting to become discouraged during my first attempt I decided to turn lemons into lemonade.

These are my new slippers!

                                                   Until next time~


  1. They look like a very cozy, comfy pair of slippers Terri! You'll probably want some more now! :)

  2. Well I think they are just beautiful!!!

  3. They sure do look comfy.... And nicely done on your first atempt.

  4. I am with you in the sock intimidation department....I love them, but they seem so scary at the same time. The magic loop method would throw me for a loop I am sure! The slippers look great!

  5. Oh you are so courageous!! I run screaming from anything having to do with knitting socks!!! (Maybe I don't want to knit them because I don't like to wear them!!)

    Yours made the most perfect little booties!! Great job oh brave person!


  6. "Lemonade" makes for the best stories. :) Knitting in general is intimidating to me! Can't get my hands to work together. I love your "slippers"!


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