Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Denali National Park & Mount McKinley

We left the lodge at 7:00 a.m. in fog and rain.
Our hopes of seeing Mt. McKinley or even any wildlife were slim.
Eight hours on a bumpy road in an old school bus in the rain
ndid not seem like a lot of fun.
But we were in Alaska
where anything can happen.
So we put on a smile and headed out.
As usual the scenery was magnificent.

 We had barely entered the park
and were greeted by some moose.

Further down the road we found a
grizzly bear and her cubs.


Dahl sheep were on the hilltops.
And the sky was clearing!

And we got to see ptarmagin

and Ground Squirrel


and best of all....
Mt. McKinley!

We made the 30% Club!

and could not have been happier.

What had begun as a depressing, dismal day
turned into one of the most exciting and
beautiful days of a lifetime.

So glad to share this adventure with you :-)
Until next time ~


  1. Your pictures are gorgeous, I missed Denali when I went on a crusie to Alaska, and I am sorry I did not get to see the beauty you have.

  2. Glad to hear your Alaskan trip turned out to be such a wonderful time. It is on our list of places to visit.
    I will certainly put Denali at the top of the Alaskan list.

  3. Dave and I are members but we didn't get that close...well done!

  4. Wow! What an awesome trip! So beautiful! And, how amazing it must have been to see all that wildlife! I'm really liking forward to going up to Alaska someday!


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