Thursday, December 18, 2014

Travels to Talkeetna

Our journey continued with a train ride to Talkeetna.

Along the way the scenery continued to be spectacular!

We stayed at the Mt. McKinley Lodge.
If the clouds would have lifted we could have seen
Mt. McKinley from this point.

So lucky we got to see it in the park!

In Talkeetna we visited a dog sled camp.
This was the real thing.  The owner has run the Iditarod a dozen times
and these are his dogs.

Because there's no snow they got to pull us on wheels.

But yours truly got to stand up in the back,
kinda like what it would be like on a sled.

And the visit wouldn't be complete without seeing the puppies!

Tomorrow we board the Alaskan Railroad and head to
Whittier to board our ship.
Until next time ~