Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Cruise

Forgive me for not completing our travelog sooner.  I got caught up in the GYOB party and have been visiting ever since!  What fun it's been meeting new bloggers and reconnecting with old friends.

But I do want to finish telling you about our Alaska journey, so here goes ~

The land portion of our journey was incredible.  We saw more than we thought possible and felt incredibly blessed for this opportunity.  But the adventure was only half over.  We still had a cruise ahead, glaciers to see, and visits to ports along the way.

We took another train from Talkeetna to Whitier to board our ship, the Coral Princess.
The weather was foggy and we were worried about what would be missed
by not being able to see very far.

As we approached the first glacier, the sky cleared!

The ice was amazing. 
And bald eagles were everywhere.
Even on ice burgs.

Our first port was Skagway
and we took a city tour.
Skagway is a fun little place, full of quaint shops and history.
We wern't there long enough.
Then quickly back to the water for our next stop...
and whale watching!
We took a small tour boat and headed out
and were not disappointed.
Whales were everywhere!
As were sea lions
and more beautiful scenery.
Our last port was in Ketchikan
and it was raining.
Not just raining, pouring!
After wandering around and getting soaked
we decided to return to the ship
and enjoy the afternoon drying out onboard.
Sometimes life happens when you're making other plans.
I hope you've enjoyed a snapshot of our journey.  It's been fun
revisiting and sharing.
Until next time ~


  1. Alaska is on my bucket list of places to see, at least once, before I die. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. The whales must have been a thrilling sight and the sea lions, as well. Ketchikan looks great, even a bit romantic, with the rain in your pictures. I am glad you shared your trip!

    1. I would recommend it and would love to go again if fate allows. We were not disappointed, even in the rain! ~Terri

    2. Good Morning, I am trying to catch up with friends and I enjoyed your Alaskan adventure. I felt that I was right along with you all. Even with the rain I enjoyed the pictures that you posted. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley

  2. Looks like it was an incredible trip! :) Best wishes, Tammy

  3. Terri -- your trip must have been so amazing!! What wonderful photos! They bring back memories of our trips there. I'd love to go back again.. It rained on us too!!

  4. What a lovely trip. Your pics are spectacular!
    Good for you!

  5. How beautiful! What a wonderful trip.

  6. These look like a wonderful locations to visit, Terri.
    Great photos, especially the ones of the whales!!


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