Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Road Trip - Helen, GA and Anna Ruby Falls

It's been hot in Tallahassee so we got an impromptu idea to head to the Georgia mountains for some cooler air.  We've never been to Helen, GA so that's where we headed.

Helen is just a short 6 hour drive from Tallahassee.  It's a little town that looks like an alpine village.
It's nice and quiet early in the morning, but afternoons are a different story.

It's complete with beer gardens

and windmills.

There is a beautiful stream that wanders through the town and tubing is the thing to do on a hot summer afternoon.

As the day wore on the number of tubes grew and grew!

This is what the end of the line looks like at the end of a busy day.

Part of the reason of going to Helen was to see the Appalachian trail.

I've been living vicariously through the stories of those who have hiked the trail, either part of or the whole 2100 miles.  Following the white blaze is the plot.

We located the trail and the white blaze and began to hike....up and up.

Needless to say, I will not be hiking the entire trail anytime soon!

Back in town in the late afternoon it is much quieter.  The tubers have gone home and the creek is again peaceful.



The next morning we headed out to Unicoi State Park.  This park is wonderful!  Hiking trails wind around lakes and through hills and valleys. 

Just beyond Unicoi is Anna Ruby Falls, a US Park.

The hike up to the falls is paved but all uphill.

Following the stream along the bank.

The falls were named after the two daughters of the original founder, Anna and Ruby.
We reached the top and were delighted with the view!


One last hidden treasure is not far from the falls.  We found the smallest covered bridge!

This bridge was featured in the 1951 movie, I'd Climb the Highest Mountain, staring Susan Heyward.

You can no longer drive through it but can cross it on foot.

A nice little hidden treasure!
                                                                   Until next time~


  1. Glad to hear that others read stories about the Appalachian trail!

  2. "Cache-Mire" has been included in our Sites To See #450. Be assured that we hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.


    1. Awesome! And I totally enjoyed visiting your blog. So many fun places to add to my bucket list!

  3. Oh what a wonderful time you must of had on this vacation. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos with us and such a beautiful place to visit. Thanks too for your sweet comment on my crocheted Sunglass case I made!


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