Thursday, October 8, 2015

Delphi, Meteora and Athens

Our Greece travels continued on land.
The boat docked in Kalambaka and we boarded a motor coach
and headed north to Arachova.

This was the view from our room.

I love Greek food and enjoyed a cooking lesson
learning how to make traditional Mousaka.
(It was delicious)

The next morning we traveled to Delphi.
Delphi is known for the Oracle.
Dating back to 1400 BC, the Oracle of Delphi was the most important shrine in all Greece,
and in theory all Greeks respected its independence. Built around a sacred spring,
Delphi was considered to be the omphalos - the center (literally navel) of the world.

Throughout this trip we climbed hundreds upon hundreds of steps.
This was no exception.

Spending another night in Arachova
and enjoying dinner in one of the lovely outdoor restaurants
we next headed to Meteora.

The Metéora "middle of the sky", "suspended in the air" or "in the heavens above" 
is one of the largest and most important complexes of Greek Orthodox monasteries in Greece
The six monasteries are built on natural sandstone rock pillars, at the
northwestern edge of the Plain of Thessaly in central Greece.
The Metéora is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

We actually climbed (more steps!) to go in to
the monastery and were amazed at the amount of
architecture, artwork, and beauty in each.

The view from our room was again beautiful,
but the rock formations were a bit scary.
Can you see the eyes?

Our trip ended 15 days from the start in Athens.
We toured the museums, the Palatka
and of course, the Acropolis and Parthenon.
By now, the Captain had climbed enough steps to last a lifetime
and was glad we live in relatively flat Florida.

Thank you for letting me share just a glimpse of
our amazing journey with you.
Hope you enjoyed it!

Until next time~

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