Monday, October 26, 2015

Flowered Scarf Donation

It's finally fall in north Florida...
time for pants, long sleeves, and scarves
to come out of hiding.
It's also time for new cool weather items
to be added to our missions sale table.

This year, thanks to my friend
Vicki at 2 Bags Full 
I was inspired to add some
decorative touches to my scarf donation.

Digging through my stash
I discovered some fun, feathery yarn
which worked perfectly as a vine.

The simple flowers were crocheted with Caron Simply soft yarn

and the scarf was made of  boucle.

I hope it will give someone a smile,
and provide warmth to both the body and spirit.
A special thank you to Vicki and to
each of you who share your wonderful creations,
inspiring others to expand our visions and talents.
Until Next Time ~



  1. Lovely detail of flowers and vine :)

    1. Thanks Quinn. Although I must give the credit to Vicki for the idea :-)


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