Thursday, January 7, 2016

In Love With Fair Isle

I am in love!
Just before the holidays I (unwisely) decided to
sign up for a class to learn
Fair Isle knitting.
Little did I realize how addictive this new skill would become.

Our project was a Baa-ble Hat
(Thanks Quinn :-)

See the cute little sheep!
My oldest grandchild liked it but asked if
I could make one with hearts.
Well....I don't know...I told her.  But I'll try.
Not having done this before and not knowing I could
go to Pintrest or Ravelry for charts,
I downloaded some graph paper
and came up with a design...
that worked!!!
After the first success I decided each of my
precious grandchildren
needed one for Christmas.
But Jack needed different colors...and he needed sheep.
Think I drove everyone crazy knitting in every spare moment.

The outcome was worth it!
Then my beautiful daughter-in-law asked if
she could have one.

I was thrilled to oblige.

Of course this was the warmest Christmas on record
so hats didn't get worn...
...until now - 39 degrees this morning :-)
Until next time ~