Thursday, January 7, 2016

In Love With Fair Isle

I am in love!
Just before the holidays I (unwisely) decided to
sign up for a class to learn
Fair Isle knitting.
Little did I realize how addictive this new skill would become.

Our project was a Baa-ble Hat
(Thanks Quinn :-)

See the cute little sheep!
My oldest grandchild liked it but asked if
I could make one with hearts.
Well....I don't know...I told her.  But I'll try.
Not having done this before and not knowing I could
go to Pintrest or Ravelry for charts,
I downloaded some graph paper
and came up with a design...
that worked!!!
After the first success I decided each of my
precious grandchildren
needed one for Christmas.
But Jack needed different colors...and he needed sheep.
Think I drove everyone crazy knitting in every spare moment.

The outcome was worth it!
Then my beautiful daughter-in-law asked if
she could have one.

I was thrilled to oblige.

Of course this was the warmest Christmas on record
so hats didn't get worn...
...until now - 39 degrees this morning :-)
Until next time ~


  1. how wonderful.How creative.Brilliant.

  2. those little sheep are so adorable

  3. Great knitting, Terri! And kudos on your hearts :)
    By the way, I think that pattern is the Baa-ble Hat by designer Donna Smith. it was the official pattern for Shetland Wool Week 2015, and is available free on Ravelry:
    Over 3,000 Baa-ble Hats have been knitted since the pattern was published in March! It's fun looking through the gallery, to see what people have done with colors and different yarns. I really love one that has a night sky :) If you are on ravelry, I hope you'll add your hats! And if you're not, I hope you'll visit and decide to join - it's a wonderful resource. I'm Quinn over there, too, so please say hello!

    1. Thanks for all the information Quinn! This is the Baa-ble pattern but I never knew how popular it was. Will definitely check out the link and probably get a few more ideas. Oh my!😋

    2. Ravelry is an excellent source of ideas ;)

  4. I have never done Fair Isle, but now you make me want to take it up right away. Gorgeous hats,

  5. Hi Teri! So nice to meet you! I just did my first color work bit of knitting too! And lo and behold, as soon as I was done, went searching for something new to try on Ravelry, and found the very pattern you did on your first time! I love it! I wondered though, what type of yarn did you use? On my Nordic hat, I used a bulky yarn, as per the instructions. But it was way too thick and difficult to work with. I am eager to try this pattern now with the sheep and use a much lighter weight yarn. Oh, by the way, the hearts pattern you came up with is adorable! My grand daughters would love that.
    I see you know Meredith too. Isn't she the sweetest!!!
    xo Kris

  6. Your Baa-ble hats came out great, and your heart version is also terrific. Fair Isle is very addicting. I always want to do "just one more row" to see the pattern emerging.

  7. i love the sheep. those are precious!! hope there will be some cold temps soon so they can be worn. it has been a weird weather winter. very crafty. i am glad you have a new challenge for the new year. that is fun. i keep thinking i need to try something new. my great aunt always tired to teach me how to knit. but sadly i could never get the hang of it, i guess i was a bit antsy & had much energy. maybe now that i am older it would work a whole lot easier?! maybe. ( :

  8. I love all your hats! Great colours and the hearts are cute.

  9. Gorgeous hat ♥ I have never knitted with many colors (just stripes). It is like painting with yarn. Lovely!

  10. Terri- omg--- your hats are adorable! I love the sheep!!!! I love fair isle knitting-- it's really not that hard once you get the hang of it. I just hate weaving in all the loose ends-- I'm not very good at that- lol!

  11. The sheep hat is adorable! I love it!

  12. Your knitting is lovely Terri! And you are so clever to be able to design your own chart after only just learning Fair Isle - well done!
    I started knitting fair isle a few years ago and it fast became my favourite kind of knitting. Second to that is lace, which is far easier than it looks (most of the time ;-) )

    Happy knitting,
    Sarah x

    1. Thanks Sarah! Perhaps I should try lace. It also looks intimidating which is my biggest issue...perceived fear :-)


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