Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A New Basket

When not working... or traveling... or knitting...
I make pine needle baskets.
This is my latest creation.

The friend who taught me how to make
coiled strands of pine needles into a beautiful basket
is always sharing new ideas of things to use for centers. 

This one is made from polymer clay.
Several colors can be gently blended
to get the unique swirl design.
The center determines what the basket will look like.
A round center will produce a round basket.

The light brown rows are made of sweet grass.
A few coils of sweet grass make a lovely accent.

This, along with other designs, are
currently in my Etsy shop Pine Designs.
Thanks for stopping by!
Until next time~~


  1. I haven't seen these baskets before. So, to me, they are unique as well as lovely.

  2. And how happy I am that you commented on TravelnWrite, because it led me to your beautiful blog. Hope to stay in touch with you. Loved your blog's title and the story behind it. Happy week~


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